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Frequently Asked Questions About SwiftPay Stations

Does it need special tools to install?

No special tools required, just a screwdriver, keys to open your current kiosk doors, either a Wash Select II or Hamilton Goldline kiosk, plyers to remove wires.

How long does it take to install?

No longer than 1 day, it’s a pretty quick, hassle-free installation in general. 

Does it take cash or is it cashless?

You can choose to add a cash unit to your pay station, or go completely Contactless and accept EMV payments and credit cards.

Is it fully contactless?

No, but Unlimited Program members can experience a full window-up experience & non-unlimited members looking to redeem a gift can experience a Contactless process with License Plate Recognition and barcode scanning- no cash or CC required.

Which units are you offering for retrofits?

We currently have the Hamilton Goldline and Unitec Wash Select II available. We also have the standalone unit available. 

Can I install it in several car washes?

Absolutely, you can have SwiftPay on all your IBA car washes.

Does it have to have a maintenance program scheduled?

No maintenance program required, unless agreed with SwiftPay. 

Can the SwiftPay kiosk work with gates?

Not at the moment. 

Can the Swift kiosk work with License Plate Recognition?

Yes! You can use LPR for unlimited club members and offer them a fully windows-up experience and for non-unlimited members to redeem gifts through the Loyalty & Rewards Program.

Can you have multiple lanes at one site using Swift?

Yes, you can have different setups in each lane. E.g: you can add a cash unit on one lane, and take EMV or CC payments only on a second lane. 

What is the bill recycler model used in SwiftPay?

It’s the NV200 and it’s the only bill acceptor used with SwiftPay.

How will the gas pump integration work? 

We use Ryko protocol to communicate with your gas pumps & C-Store POS. We can issue codes from any of your C-Stores or gas stations regardless if the station is on the property. The pump will produce a gas code which can then be redeemed at the SwiftPay Station. 

If I have multiple sites, can they all be connected?

Yes, you have the option to have integrated multi-site reporting, however, SwiftPay’s software cannot be synced together with all the units in each site. E.g; a customer from North Andover, cannot redeem an unlimited wash at your wash in Roslindale. 

Does it integrate with more than one wash?

Yes, it does meaning that a customer using one SwiftPay station location will be recognized at another SwiftPay station location, and backend administration and reporting can be done from one portal.

What are the benefits of the app?

– Monitor your kiosk through your phone or desktop computer.
– Get notifications directly from the kiosk about car wash issues on your phone.
– Resolve customer & car wash issues remotely and quicker.
– Stay in touch with your customers & offer excellent customer service. 

What reports will I be able to get?

Our report options are pretty broad, some of the ones you can get are Revenue and Billing reports, Unlimited memberships, car count, among others.

What technology do you use?

Our software and our app are compatible and can be run on Android and iOS. 

Do I need to update the software/platform constantly?

No, SwiftPay’s software updates automatically. You will receive an update notification though. 

How does the gas code redemption work?

We use Ryko protocol to communicate with your gas pumps & C-Store POS. We can issue codes from any of your C-Stores or gas stations regardless if the station is in the property. The pump will produce a gas code which can then be redeemed at the SwiftPay Station. 

Can I use the consumer mobile app on the Swift kiosk?

For the moment, we only have the Owner App available. 

Is SwiftPay able to go Contactless?

Yes, you can choose to purchase a pay station with no cash unit included and accept Contactless CC payments. You can also accept EMV payments, barcode scanning, and Samsung & Google Pay. 

How will I know if something is wrong with the kiosk?

If something ever goes wrong with your kiosk you will be automatically notified by an SMS/text message on your phone or through the SwiftPay Dashboard, the CWA. 

What type of reporting will I be able to get?

Through our CWA Dashboard, you are able to get multiple reports such as daily revenue, amount of cars washed for the day, labor capacity, how many unlimited members have been to your wash so far, and how are your unlimited memberships moving by percentage.

Can a customer redeem coupons or codes?

Yes, through our Loyalty & Rewards program you can reward your customer’s loyalty by sending free gifts, washes, wash books, etc. which they can then redeem by scanning a barcode through the Swiftpay Station or through License Plate Recognition.

What are the monthly fees?

Please check out our pricing page here!

What is the price per unit?

Please check out our pricing page here!

Can I sell this as a distributor?

Yes, please contact us for more information and details.

Can I buy additional products after I purchase the basic kit?

Yes, you can purchase a basic unit and purchase additional products and services as you see fit. 

What is the difference between retrofitting and standalone?

Besides the stand-alone unit being half the width of the Hamilton and Wash Select II, the retrofit utilizes the enclosure and the external wiring while completely replacing the existing innards and door.

Can it be retrofitted in other units aside from Goldine, Wash Select II?

Not at this time.

How do SwiftPay marketing services work?

Using LPR to recognize initial and repeat customers for certain events or promotions, the marketing service will deliver text messages to those customers and/or recognize their loyalty on the paystation for loyalty reward redemption.

If you have any other questions, please visit our Contact page. If you’re ready to generate more revenue with less headaches, you can buy your Swift Pay Station now!

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