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More Customers. More Revenue. Less Headaches.

In-bay owners need the tech to compete with encroaching car wash tunnels.
The current capabilities of entrance systems for in-bays is underwhelming and insufficient to gain ground or protect investment. Even new systems with their enhancements are only modest in their additional features and the cost is out of wack with payback time period.
Neither the old nor the new addresses remote monitoring or administration properly, integrated marketing is a dream and even when offered is overly complex or too rigid.
To counteract on current entrance system capabilities, SwiftPay was developed to deliver the following:

Built-in Marketing Tools

  • Leverage an easy-to-use text marketing and email marketing system. Build customer lists and send messages according to each, send offers and connect with your customer base.
  • Run loyalty & rewards programs and our out-of-the-box program, Happy Hour. Send scheduled offers, specials, and discounts to your customer base and increase revenue, customer loyalty, and satisfaction.

Take advantage of add-on services to sell more

  • Want to run a limited membership program (x number of washes per month) or a full unlimited across each wash package?  Swift can enroll and manage the program without you or your team getting involved.
  • Use License Plate Recognition program to easily identify customers, sell club memberships, run loyalty programs, and reward redemption.
  • Sell washes, wash books, and club membership through gas pumps and convenience stores either on-premise or nearby locations.

Simple in every way

  • Easy to install and fully set up by retrofitting SwiftPay into your current entrance system. We also offer optional standalone units. 
  • From your phone or desktop, receive notifications and alerts,  monitor/administer your wash, and fix issues promptly.
  • Using the built-in marketing tools, it is designed to be intuitive for the owner and the car wash customers.


  • Swiftpay is less money and has more functionality than legacy or standalone systems. We used modern technology to reduce your initial investment so your payback is quicker.

Get started with SwiftPay today! 


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