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More Customers. More Revenue. Less Headaches.

Introducing the Swift Pay Station, specifically designed for unattended, in-bay carwashes like yours.

For a smaller-than-expected investment, you can build customer loyalty, generate recurring, consistent revenue streams, and minimize your workload with zero staff involvement.

Automated SMS/Text-Based Marketing

  • Deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time with Swift’s targeted automated text-based marketing programs.
  • Messages can be customized and triggered by specific actions, such as following a wash, an unlimited membership enrollment, a reminder, invitations, and more!

Customer Loyalty & Rewards Program

  • Recognize non- unlimited membership program and increase loyalty by rewarding them with a free wash, gift card, or wash book after a number of washes or money spent.
  • SwiftPay can automatically capture and register customer’s license plate through License Plate Recognition making it easier for them to redeem any reward or item from discount programs.

Unlimited Club Membership Program

  • Customers can sign up for unlimited monthly packages right from the kiosk.
  • Swift’s license plate recognition technology speeds signup and immediately recognizes the customer’s car when it returns
  • Once the plate is recognized, SwiftPay automatically knows what type of wash to prepare and sends the instructions to the wash. The customer doesn’t even have to interact with the kiosk again!

Robust Owner App at Your Fingertips

  • Check your washes data and analytics at a quick glance straight from your phone or desktop.
  • Receive alerts and notifications on your phone and fix car wash or kiosk issues remotely.
  • Initiate customer support & create tickets to track resolutions and help solve kiosk software issues instantly from the app.

Dashboard Reports and Data

  • Get real-time reports in an easy-to-understand format delivered right to your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Rest easy that your data is protected; we use Amazon Cloud Server because it’s fast, reliable, and secure
  • You can process transactions, create reports, or download information in record time

Customer Payment Options

  • The customer has the choice to pay with: Credit/Debit cards, Cash, bar codes, Samsung Pay, gift cards, digital wash books, and coming soon: Google Pay!

Get started with SwiftPay today! The delivery of preordered units begins January 2021.


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Expected Delivery January 2021

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