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What’s Behind SwiftPay Stations?

SwiftPay is both new and proven.

Washify, the fastest growing company in the industry and leader in tunnel car wash POS and pay station software saw the need in the IBA market and created SwiftPay. At a lower cost, we took everything we learned from developing cutting edge hardware and software solutions for tunnel carwashes and reimagined it for the in-bay market. SwiftPay is the pay station you need now to reduce your reliance on overhead, create customer loyalty, generate new streams of revenue, and get up-to-date data to help you run your business more profitably.

Setup is a breeze:

  • If you have an older pay station from another vendor, chances are you have already been told you need to upgrade. Why not check out the future-proof replacement that fits into the cabinet you already have? The SwiftPay Station is designed to fit into your old kiosk cabinets with a simple retrofit kit and streamlined wiring.

It simplifies running your car wash:

  • The SwiftPay Station recycles bills and if it is running low on cash, you’ll receive an alert before it gets too low
  • If problems in your car wash arise, SwiftPay sends warnings directly to your smartphone so you can make adjustments
  • SwiftPay is a fully unattended pay station solution that requires no staff involvement
  • Secure access to real-time reporting gives you all the data you need to run your operations

Your revenue opportunities are endless:

  • Create a convenient customer experience with flexible payment options for every visitor
  • Build customer loyalty with a loyalty/rewards program and unlimited program
  • Unlimited program is validated by license plates, so customers can’t “share” a membership
  • Generate more revenue during slow periods with our Happy Hour program – designate limited time discounts during certain hours
  • Sell single washes and washbooks at C-Stores or gas pumps with our Gas Pump Integration
  • Easy-to-use smart Pay Station speeds up transactions, reduces wait times, and allows you to maximize throughput


Get started with SwiftPay today! 

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Want to know more?

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