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Update your in-bay entrance system

With modern hardware and powerful software

Update your current In-Bay entrance system.  Offer club memberships & loyalty programs that require far less attention from you while taking advantage of proven marketing tools.

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Completely Automated Club Membership

Offer club programs on your terms on any package.

Loyalty & Rewards Capabilities Out of the Box

Create loyalty programs on your own terms and reward your customers with a fully automated system.

Automate & Validate Club Memberships

Use License Plate Recognition to redeem wash books, single wash purchases, and track customers.


Monitor & Control your wash from an App

Monitor your entrance system and wash in real-time from any device. Receive alerts directly on your phone & resolve customer & car wash issues remotely and quicker.

Automated SMS/Text Marketing

Send offers and connect with customers.


Cost Effective

For a quarter of the price, you get most of the features & benefits offered on the tunnel side.


No Full Overhaul Needed

Easily retrofit SwiftPay into your current entrance system.

Why SwiftPay?

Make interacting with your kiosk a breeze for your customers.

 SwiftPay can be retrofitted into Hamilton Goldine and Wash Select II units. We also have a standalone unit available.

Customizable wraps for your SwiftPay Station available!

SwiftPay unit built into

Unitec Wash Select II Retrofit
$8,795.00 *


SwiftPay unit built into

Hamilton GoldLine Retrofit
$8,795.00 *



Swift Standalone Unit


*Price per single unit. You can add a License Plate Recognition camera, cash acceptor, or a customized wrap design to any unit you choose

WASHIFY and SWIFT are trademarks of Washify Services, LLC. The HAMILTON and GOLD LINE trademarks are owned by Hamilton Manufacturing Corp. and are used here to identify Hamilton Mfg. products that can be retrofitted with Washify products. The UNITEC and WASH SELECT II trademarks are owned by Unitec, LLC, now DRB Services, and are used to identify UNITEC products that can be retrofitted with Washify products. Washify Services, LLC is not affiliated with or authorized by either Hamilton or Unitec (now DRB).

What is SwiftPay?

SwiftPay is an unattended, all-in-one POS & payment solution developed with cutting edge hardware and software technologies. Sporting great features and a lower cost-structure, SwiftPay is the pay station you need now to reduce your reliance on overhead, create customer loyalty, generate new streams of revenue, and get up-to-date data to help you run your business more profitably.

Stats and Reporting

View your statistics and settings from a browser or through our mobile phone app. Get statistics and alerts instantly.

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